House Raising in New Jersey

Homeowners living in New Jersey coastal A Zone and V Zone need to take action immediately in order to avoid higher insurance premiums — five figure flood insurance premiums to be exact. Homes must be elevated above base flood elevation (BFE), so the only option is to raise the home and build an open foundation. House raising and building an open foundation are important, difficult jobs, so you want to select a contractor who you know will do the job correctly.


Why House Lifting in NJ Became Important?
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house raising new jersey

house raising nj

Even before Hurricane Sandy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had been working on updating the decades old flood insurance maps. The newly updated maps were released in December 2012, and anyone who is repairing damaged homes along the shore must put their homes on an elevated platform, also known as an open foundation, in order to avoid outrageously expensive insurance premiums.

After the devastating effects caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency sped up the process of readjusting base flood elevation schedules, and the end result is that  more homes will need to be raised above the base flood level. After the home is raised to the proper height according to the first level guidelines,  a new open foundation is placed underneath, such as concrete piers.

The Cost of House Raising In New Jersey

The average cost of the house lifting nj project , dependent upon customization, is $50,000 to $75,000, which is a real money saver compared to paying $30,000 per year for flood insurance. Therefore, it should not be a difficult decision. It is much cheaper to proceed with house raising and have an open foundation installed.


Protection By House Lifting in New Jersey

House raising and an open foundation are also effective in helping to protect your home and  your

house lifting new jersey

house lifting nj

assets. Hurricanes do hit the coastline, and it is only wise to be prepared before the next hurricane comes along to wreak havoc along the coast. A home that has been raised and is setting on an open foundation has the greater likelihood of not having severe flood damage inside the structure the next time there is flooding.

FEMA explains the house raising process is designed to keep the house above all regular flooding except those floods which are considered the most severe, such as the 500-year floods. More info here. According to FEMA, the house raising options are to raise the house from its current foundation and to either construct a new open foundation or to lift the home from its current foundation and then extend that existing foundation.

The home is lifted from its foundation using hydraulic jacks operated by trained, professional home construction experts who then place the structure on temporary supports while the new open foundation is constructed or while the current  home foundation is extended.

Why Choose Special House Raising US?  (732-201-5007)

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There are a lot of house raisers who can put your home on an open foundation, but this is a project to be taken seriously. Special House Raising US., has been in business more than 35 years, and the company owner has more than 40 years experience in the construction industry.

Fully licensed and insured, it is a family owned and operated company with the capabilities of taking care of the job and seeing the project through from start to finish. They not only raise the home, they also construct the open foundation.

If the house lifting project requires it to be done, Special House Raising US., can handle it.



We can take care of all of these things for your project:

  • Updated surveys
  • Current elevation certificate
  • Soil testing
  • Foundation design according to your zone as designed by an architect or engineer
  • File for required permits
  • Raise the entire house above the base flood elevation
  • Helical piles, if they are required
  • Installation of the new foundation
  • Installation of stairs leading to the new height elevation

There are a lot of house raisers, but there is a company that can raise your house as well as construct the open foundation, and remember, not every construction company has the proper training and experience to construct open foundations.


 What Makes Special House Raising US.., stand out from the Rest?

  • Been in business more than 35 years.
  • The company owner has more than 40 years construction experience.
  • Family owned and operated.
  • Licensed and insured.
  • See the project through from start to finish.
  • Ability to raise houses and construct foundations as well.
  • A full service general contractor.
  • Emphasis on craftsmanship and timeliness.
  • The contractors treats every home it remodels just like it were their home.
  • Solid craftsmanship.
  • Professional project management.
  • Easily accessible and willing to answer questions.
  • Projects can be customized to fit the needs and specifications of the property owner.
  • Dedicated and professional service.

Take Action Now!

Now is the time to get your project started so you can save money on insurance and protect your property. Save yourself the worry and headache before the next hurricane comes along or before you have to pay outrageously high fees for flood insurance. While flood insurance will pay for damages and reimburse for losses, but house raising and an open foundation can help prevent losses and help you keep the items that cannot be replaced in the event of flooding. Memories and items of sentimental value cannot be replaced, so protect them by taking the proper action now.

What is the First Step?

Call Special House Raising US. now at (732) 201-5007 or fill out the form on this website with a brief description of your job.We will provide you with a free home evaluation and estimate. They will be willing to answer any questions you may have and offer any suggestions that they feel may benefit your project.

we will provide efficient, professional service to ensure your project is completed correctly and as soon as it possibly can be done. You will be so pleased with the house raising and open foundation you will want us to complete any other construction projects you need done in the future.